Experimental photographer, filmmaker, fabricator

My name is Daniel DeArco, and you might know me as a photographer/filmmaker, or the guy that builds crazy things on youtube to make his job more fun. I have an obsession with combining my love for fabrication with photography and filmmaking.

On a freelance photography and filmmaking basis, I've had the pleasure of working with a variety of clients, including: Windsor Fashion, California Sunday Magazine, GS Love, Mustard Seed, Popflex Active, Sonata Dancewear, JLE Industries, Blogilates, Costco, amongst others.

I've been doing photography for almost a decade... in studio, on location, for money, for fun... but my (eclectic) experiences in the creative industry have led me to a point where I need to experiment to keep things interesting. Behind the scenes, I've always loved industrial design, and mechatronics; hence, my youtube channel

In a day and age where technology, social media, and digital content creation are the future, my goal is to promote the art of creative storytelling, where I utilize different mediums to create content.


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