How it’s done

Creating content is easy if you have a strong company goal.

The key to shooting, filming, and editing good content isn’t just in your presentation; it’s in how you’re prompting the audience visually. Showing your employees in their white coats shows just how much you care about cleanliness. Making, “satisfying”, videos with your CNC machines appeals to a more broad audience, as opposed to just machinists. Asking your audience certain questions in captions may lead to more comments and engagement.

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You get the idea. And yes, this can even be done with iPhone clips if you’re good.

While working with you, I determine everything from what key words you should be using in your captions, to how to generate more engagement in your blog, to which lighting modifiers are appropriate for your style of images/video. It all ties together, but you need to know what your strengths and weaknesses are.

More importantly, you need clear goals.

Is your goal to get your company to 3 million in sales next year?
Is it to earn the title as the most economical automation company of the year?
Is it to be gain the attention of overseas customers that already have other local vendors (your competitors)?

These types of questions determine what kind of content we’ll be developing. I can be hired as a freelance content creator, but where you’ll really grow is with formulating a strategy behind the content with me, and bringing that work in house with somebody who can do it full time afterwards. The approach that you and I make together gets passed on to the person that ends up managing and maintaining that role, and scheduled monthly consultations will help guide you until you’re a well oiled machine.

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