Vlog: Photographer Lifestyle, 3D Printed Gear, and DTLA

My first vlog on youtube! Been wanting to upload this for a while to share more about myself, and have been editing it on the side of client projects. I 3D printed a GoPro case, have yet another creative space in my apartment, and went out shooting pictures in downtown Los Angeles. Productive day!

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Buildin' Thangs...

*Blog Reboot*

Hey girl. So, I guess if you made it this far, that must mean that you watched my recent Behind the Scenes video: "Building an Image". If you didn't, I'm referring to this one (durrr)...

Filming these projects is usually done as a result of me getting really bored with doing shoots by themselves, and wanting to showcase something that's mildly exciting. You could say that I'm just experimenting with different formats of BTS instead of the typical, "we're here on set with some expensive lights, shooting with high end models, in an expensive studio, blah, blah, blah" cliché photographer's format.

Joanna Klein (@mrsjoannak) and I talked sometime in October about doing a big beauty test shoot, and my response was something along the lines of, "ok kool, let's do it".

^^ Me trying to look super artistic.

^^ Me trying to look super artistic.

Not gonna lie, photography is... easy. Like, sometimes to the point where it's not okay. By, "easy", I mean that on a technical level once you understand it (lighting behavior, composition, camera settings), it's really not so hard at all compared to machining steel parts with precision, or designing something that might chop my arm off whilst making it. I actually find it comical when photographers try to make our job sound all scientific. Lol, we take nice pictures for a living.

*If photography is hard, it's really only because of people who make it hard: bitchy one-day-colleagues, people on set who have an ego, etc.*

Oh, um right. So my point is that since photography is fairly easy, I feel this need to spice things up any way I can––esp to make the day easier long term. On commercial shoots that isn't really a possibility since it's just stuff that's been pre-planned by the client, but for fun test stuffs like this, I guess I can do whatever the hell I want. In this case, I chose to figure out a way to mount various backdrops for the beauty shoot that I did with the team. We were going to use a sort-of futuristic (contemporary lighting design inspired) backdrop behind the model, glass sheets, and mirrors. Obvi, I had to think of a way to avoid using 5 clunky c-stands to mount everything unreliably. Precision, lightweight, and ease of use are so nice to have when it comes to these things...

Lot's of beauty looks, not so much desire/time to fiddle around with grip arms and heavy mounting equipment. Less footprint, less chance of the models feeling claustrophobic, and more comfortable working with me. Other positives include: safety of the models, using this same prop mount for future use, more working space around the model for detail shots, and easy transportation.

My goal was to finish building a simple rig thingiemajerg that we could mount stuff on before the next day, and still have fun.

Goofing on set #setlife

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Anyways, so the next day, things went smoothly, and even though I was functioning off of only 1 hour of sleep, it was one of the best shoots that I've had in a while. The mounting system worked well and I fell asleep that night feeling like a happy camper. This is, of course, the black and white version of the story where we barely put any effort in. Joanna (who helped a lot with gathering the team), Marina the hairstylist, Jessica the wardrobe stylist, the models (Paige and Katerina), and Anthony my assistant, all played a big part in making the results pretty good.

Final images on either my instagram, or under my personal projects page.

Just in case you were wondering, yes, I do in fact film these video projects by myself :). Takes a bit of time but no biggie.