I made an Instagram account centered around the outdoor fitness phenomenon of Acro Yoga. In the Santa Monica beach, resides a community of 50-100 people who practice this interesting synthesis of traditional Sport Acro, and Yoga. Coming from a traditional acrobatics background, I found the mixture intriguing. I brought my camera and basic lighting equipment to this location every Sunday for 7 weeks straight, and rounded up the most proficient of the community to shoot with. This was also a social media experiment, and I made the username, "AcroYogurt"––for no apparent reason other than the fact that I was eating yogurt when I was editing the pictures.

Eventually, I was referred to as the "go-to photographer" whenever I stopped by, since I understood movement myself, and became friends with a large portion of the people. The account currently remains on Instagram, and organically gained over 4,000 followers within the first 6 weeks. I occasionally post on there still when I have time.